ZEULAB is a biotechnology company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of in vitro diagnostic solutions for food safety and water applications

Our kits are commercialized in over 40 countries through partnerships with qualified distributors.

We export more than the 70% of our production in America, Asia and Europe.

We have a high qualified team with technical expertises in various methodologies, such as immunochemical, enzymatic, microbiological and molecular technologies.

We invest over 25% of our annual income in Research and Development and work very closely with international recognised research centres.

Our products

ZEULAB aims to provide analytical tools for all actors in the food chain, farmers, food industries, laboratories and retailers. So, we focused on the development of test kits that are easy to use, affordable, robust, simple and smart.

Within the products portfolio, we provide solutions for antibiotics detection in food, milk species adulteration, detection of allergens, algae toxins and pathogens; together with equipment to perform these tests.

Veterinary Residues
Species Identification

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